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March 14th, 2012 - By Joe Spunk


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The Pros

  • POV filming.
  • Amateur Euro guys.
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Uncut cock.
  • Public sex.

The Cons

  • No photos.
  • New site, limited content.
  • Navigation problems.
  • A bit pricey.

Our ReviewVisit Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter is a gay porn site run by a couple of guys, Jiri and Honza, who live in Prague. Searching the city streets, they find mostly straight guys willing to show their cocks in public for a little cash. Once they find a willing guy, they push offering the guy more cash to touch the cameraman’s cock, give him a blowjob, and even get fucked up the ass. And this all takes place in public places like the train station, the university, bars and clubs, the grocery store, public restrooms, and abandoned buildings. (For the purposes of this Czech Hunter review, I’m just going to assume that Honza does all the filming.)

czech hunter

These guys picked up on the street are filmed in a POV, reality style, meaning that Honza holds the camera and films as these guys suck his cock or he fucks their butts. The quality is quite good considering some of these sessions are filmed inside tiny, poorly-lit restrooms. But the videos are quite watchable. These scenarios don’t look staged, they feel believable and exciting. I really wanted to see just how far these guys are willing to go – pulling out your cock in the bus depot is one thing, getting fucked in the station’s restroom is quite another.

Launched in February 2012, Czech Hunter is a fairly new gay porn site and they offer 27 videos and adding a new episode every week. The 20-something-year-old guys are mostly straight and haven’t done porn before. While they’re largely cute enough, Czech Hunter’s guys are raw and real, and that’s the appeal. Most of the cocks you’ll see are uncut, which is great for a foreskin hound like me.

These Czech guys are approached by Honza under the guise of doing a marketing survey or asking their opinion about something. To be honest with you the dialogue is in Czech with English subtitles, but I found reading them distracted me from taking in the scene; so, I didn’t always pay attention to how Honza was convincing these guys to come away with him. (FYI: There are about 18 CZK to every U.S. dollar, so most of these guys are showing their cocks for $200 U.S. and another $200 or so to do more.)

We don’t ever learn the names of these guys, but the episode I watched was Czech Hunter 27 and it featured a cute guy who after pulling down his pants in public takes Honza to a basement washroom in his apartment building. Then inside, number 27 has his ass fondled, sucks the cameraman’s dick and gets fucked bareback; finally he kneels on the floor while Honza paints his face with cum. Throughout the whole sordid scene we see what Honza sees, and I liked this. When it came to the fucking, number 27 has a hard time getting Honza’s big cock up his ass. He struggles and grunts as this hard cock slips around his ass crack seeking his juicy and warm butt hole. All of this difficulty adds to the realism of the scene.

czech hunter

You can download the movies and they play at 848×480, or you can watch them on the site at 940×520 in streaming Flash. The videos are clear, but still maintained the reality feel. Once the guys head into their sex venue, i.e. a washroom or a storage room, then the video suffers a little bit from lighting issues, but this is to be expected since these are not studio productions. The videos were still quite watchable and I had no problems seeing what was going on – and enjoying the action.

There are no picture galleries on the site and no extras of any kind, just the videos. The monthly membership price is steep considering that Czech Hunter is brand new and providing bonus access to their two other sites, Gay War Games and Gangster Fuck, would have provided more value, but they don’t offer these extras.

I still think Czech Hunter is a good site if you like reality-style content. I enjoyed watching Honza talking to these guys and see how far he could push them, and he can be very convincing. The guys are mostly pretty cute with lean, slender bodies and juicy, uncut dicks. But I also enjoyed the host even though we never meet him face to face. Honza is quite the dirty talker, which heightened my enjoyment. He tells the guys what to do then will say things like, “Oh my dirty little pig,” while they’re doing it. Most of the scenes end with Honza cumming on the guy’s face and the anal sex is bareback. All of this adds to the dirty and sleazy air of these videos.

I don’t know whether this is real, but then is Big Brother or Survivor real? Aren’t most reality television shows concocted and contrived? I feel Czech Hunter did a good job of making me believe this was really happened and I never felt as if I was being duped. And the videos are fairly long, most falling in the 30 minute range, so I had lots of time to get my groove on. Czech Hunter has a lot going for it and is well on its way to becoming a hot gay porn site.

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