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Deviant Otter & His Cub Buddy Are “Thirsty”

two guys pissing in a toilet

Devin Totter and this cub have been wanting to hook up for a while. They’re both into water sports and a piss buddy isn’t easy to come by. So it finally happened and they started off by sharing a piss in the toilet. Devin and buddy spend some time in the shower spraying each other with pee. Devin not only pisses on the guy’s shirt, but on his face too.

They head for the bedroom and gobble each other’s dicks. This cub sure has a nice one. Devin mounts the boy and pumps his ass slowly at first, but then he really goes to town on his guy’s gorgeous ass. When Devin his heading for the finish line, he kneels beside the cub and spreads his ass cheeks with one hand, then he aims his cock at the boy’s gaping hole. Devin douses it with his creamy load, then hops back on to fuck it inside.

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