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“Do You Want This Bone, Puppy?”

brian bonds in puppy mask sucking dick

brian bonds in puppy mask sucking dick

When Puppy Play, Kennel Training opens, Brian Bonds is locked in a cage wearing nothing but his jockstrap and puppy mask, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his master. He barks several times and Jonah Fontana enters. What a hot sight — bare chested in leather pants and boots and holding a riding crop — and he asks his puppy if he wants to come out and play. Bonds gives a couple of excited yelps. Released from his cage, Brian sits in front of his master. “You want this bone, puppy?” Jonah asks. Responding to Brian’s barks, Jonah slaps his gloved hands across Brian’s ass, then says, “You’ll have to earn it.” He inserts the puppy-tail butt plug into Brian’s ass.

The remarkable thing about this scene is that Brian Bonds remains in puppy character throughout the entire session. When he loves the feeling of Jonah’s cock in his ass he doesn’t groan oh yeah, he barks like a dog. When Jonah is grunting on his ass hard, Bonds pants his approval, even hanging his tongue out of his mouth. When he’s getting his ass whacked with the flogger, he mostly barks and yelps, once I heard him scream out in pain, but no one’s perfect. With the training session nearing it’s end, Jonah unleashes his huge load all over his puppy’s leather mask. Then he locks Brian back in the cage and leaves.

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