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Newcomer Parker Logan Gets His Ass Stuffed by Ray Dalton

parker logan & ray dalton

I love discovering new meat in Pornland. And Parker Logan sure is a feast for the eyes. This 28-year-old hunk is just getting started and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him. But there’s already so much to see, he stands 6’8″ (that’s not a typo) and he weighs a whopping 235 pounds. And his cock is impressive too.

In this Hairy and Raw scene, Parker is sitting back in his leather chaps stroking his cock. Dalton watches, then says, “Shit … big boy.” Parker kneels and gulps Ray’s dick down his throat while the top runs his dirty mouth. Then Parker stretches out Ray’s fuck hole — watching Dalton’s ass lips clinging to Logan’s shaft is an extra big of horniness I wasn’t prepared for. But wait for it … Ray turns Parker into a moaning manwhore, but this big, butch bad ass takes everything Dalton gives and demands more. Ray fucks the cum out of Parker then seeds the brute’s cum-hungry hole.

Watch Dalton Fuck the Cum Out of Parker Logan

Hairy and Raw

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