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“Yeah, You Can Get Your Lips Wrapped Around This Fat Dick.”

Buck Richards sucking Trent King's big cock

Trent King sucking Buck Richards' cock

Buck Richards is working in the first-class lounge at the airport when he spots passenger Trent King checking out porn on his laptop. Richards asks Trent if he’d like anything to drink, then leaves him alone. But when Bucks interrupts Trent’s porn surfing one more time with a helpful offer, the passenger says, “Yeah, you can get your lips wrapped around this fat dick.” I think that kind of talk might get a guy put on the no-fly list, but this is Pornland so Richards gets on his knees and makes the passenger happy. After swapping head, these two hung men trade fucks.

The disappointing aspect of this scene is that Buck Richards cock is far too delicious to be wrapped up in a condom. Hell, Trent King’s foreskin dick almost trumps Buck’s bone, but not quite because I really dig Buck’s overall bushy-beard look. Still, I’d kneel in front of King in a heartbeat. I wish that Raging Stallion would get with the times and toss the rubbers, most has Pornland has. If you’d like to see Buck Richards beautiful dick in raw action, he’s filmed five scenes for Bromo.

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