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Italian Master LeatherBigWolf Works Over His Skinhead Slave

leather big wolf and axl black

leather big wolf and axl black

LeatherBigWolf is a sexy hunk of man. Wouldn’t you love a play session with him? You might change your mind after you see him in action — he’s a rough fucker and he’s in charge. Axl Black is his slave and LeatherBigWolf rams his cock down Axl’s throat and holds his head until the skinhead almost pukes. So hot watching the spit streaming out of Axl’s mouth. He orders his slave into the leather sling and Master works his boy’s hole with his fingers, then a dildo, and when Axl’s pucker is finally gaping, LeatherBigWolf slides his fist inside. When Master has had his fill of fun, he squirts his load of cum down Axl’s throat.

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