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“You Have a Balloon Up Your Ass!”

daymin voss searching rikk york's ass

daymin voss searching rikk york's ass

Party boy Rikk York is on his way home from a wild weekend and he’s trying to catch his connecting flight. But after setting off the alarms, TSA agent Daymin Voss decides a strip search is in order. “Lean over the desk,” Voss orders, then he squats and spreads Rikk’s hairy ass cheeks. “You have a balloon up your ass,” Voss blurts. He pulls it out and York turns around saying, “Please, I can’t go to jail, can’t you look the other way.”

The wad of contraband is pretty big and the TSA agent asks, “Do you have a loose sloppy hole?” Rikk knows what he’s got to do, so he leans over the desk again. “What goes in my report depends on what happens here,” Daymin growls. “Yes, Sir,” York says.

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