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Daddy Luke Harrington Seeds Beau Reed with his 9×6 Cock

beau reed sucking luke harrington's huge cock

beau reed sucking luke harrinton's big cock

I don’t know where daddy god Luke Harrington has been, but I’m sure glad to see him back. His Twitter has been dead since July, so I’m hoping this new Breed Me Raw scene means he’s back filming. In Seeking Seed, Beau Reed had a weekend of whoring planned, but he’s supposed to get his first load from his Daddy and then ask for permission to play with other tops. But Beau’s daddy hasn’t answered any of his texts and he’s desperately horny.

Beau texts his previous daddy, Luke Harrington, and asks if he would like to sink his 9×6 daddy cock into his horny hole. Luke was never able to refuse his favorite boy and before long Beau is on his knees gulping daddy’s huge cock. But there’s a problem: Beau didn’t get permission to play with Luke, and with a butt load full of cum, Daddy will find out. I wonder who Beau’s daddy is.

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