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Redneck Survivalist Kidnaps & Fucks Furry Hiker in the Woods

christian wilde fucks chris harder

christian wilde and chris harder

Hiker Chris Harder is lost in the woods, and even worse, he falls and passes out. When he comes to he finds himself naked and tied to a tree. Redneck survivalist Christian Wilde begins barking questions at him. “Who are you? What the fuck do you want?” Wilde is certain this hiker was sent by the government to spy on him. The redneck slaps and flogs the hiker’s torso, then pulls his cock harshly, stroking it, sucking it, and even biting it.

A little waterboarding will get the truth out of this guy, the survivalist thinks. But Harder truly is just a hiker. Wilde gags his captive and rams his big dick in his tight hole and fucks him like a maniac. When Christian finally cums, the hiker thinks his ordeal is finally over. But this outdoors man has other plans.

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