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Leather Man Vinnie Stefano Trains Slave Boy Doug Acre

vinnie stefano fucks doug acre

vinnie stefano and doug acre at bound gods

When this scene opens leather man Vinnie Stefano is standing over his slave, Doug Acre, who is naked and down on all fours. Vinnie pulls Doug’s head up and grunts, “You want some of this?” He pushes Doug off balance and the stud rolls across the floor. “Then you have to earn it.” Vinnie whacks Doug’s tender white butt with his riding crop producing red welts. He rams his cock down Doug’s throat making his hungry slave gag.

My favourite part of this Bound Gods scene sees Doug on his head in a U-shaped platform and his ass points vulnerably toward the ceiling. Vinnie climbs on top of the platform and plunges his hard-on inside Acre’s fuck hole and pumps him hard. He pile drives his slave boy until he’s reading to splatter the bottom’s face with hot cum.

Watch Vinnie Stefano Train Doug Acre in his Dungeon

vinnie stefano and doug acre at bound gods

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