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Victor Cody & Mike Schlitz Share Eric Wolfe’s Ass

eric wolfe, victor cody and mike schlitz

victor cody and mike schlitz fuck eric wolfe

Ginger cub Eric Wolfe and Mike Schlitz are necking when this Hairy and Raw scene opens. Eric has one hand wrapped around their cocks, jerking them together; with the other hand he rolls Mike’s nipple between his finger and thumb. Mike hooks up the leather sling then pushes Eric in it face first; Mike eats out the cub’s big ass. Mike slides his big dick into Eric’s hole and the cub sees stars. After getting pumped for a few minutes, Eric lies back in the sling and Mike goes to town on his ass.

Victor Cody has been watching these two from the shadows and finally decides to join in. Mike needs a break anyway and says, “Try this.” He pulls out and Victor slides into Eric’s hole. Victor fucks the cub for a few minutes and Mike is close to blowing and wants back in. He breeds Eric, then offers the cub’s cummy hole back to Victor. He happily pumps his way to orgasm and douses Eric’s ass with his load.

Watch Victor Cody and Mike Schlitz Spit Roasting Eric Wolfe

victor cody and mike schlitz fuck eric wolfe

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