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Toilet Cruiser Gets an Edging Session He’ll Never Forget

jason maddox bound in his suit

jason maddox at men on edge

Jason Maddox is a “straight” stud who is in the habit of cruising a particular public toilet looking for some head action on the side. Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme got wind of this and decided to use it to their perverted advantage. A suggestive glance, a head nod, and Sebastian follows Jason to the last stall and gets on his knees. Jason is so wrapped up in this cocksucker’s hot mouth that he doesn’t notice Van taking photos. Now he must do their bidding or the entire office is going to find out what Jason does on his lunch breaks. They blindfold and tie Jason against the urinals and Sebastian plays with the stud’s hard cock and bringing him to the edge, then he holds Jason’s dick in his hand. “Wow! I’ve never seen a dick precum so much.”

Sebastian continues working Jason’s cock, and through a ball gag the executive begs to cum over and over. But the guys aren’t going to let this straight guy off that easily. They tie him in a sideways pose, giving them access to his butt hole. Van rubs a dildo against his prostate while Sebastian sucks and strokes Jason’s aching cock. Jason is in agony and pleads for release. After several more minutes, they finally let the stud blow his gigantic load.

Watch Jason Maddox’s Public Restroom Edging Session

jason maddox at men on edge

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