Group Sex

Monday Morning Gang Bang in the Frat House

bottom gagged with duct tape gets gang banged

grab him by the mussy at fraternity x

It’s Monday morning and these frat boys have been partying all night, but they’re not done yet. It’s 11 a.m. and they’re already late for class, so what the hell, why not skip class and find an ass to fuck. A blond guy is parading around the dorm in his boxers, so these four party boys chase him down and pin him to the mattress. One guy leans on the bottom with his arm while his buddy rams his dick into this bottom’s ass. Then another guy climbs on the bed and forces his hard-on down this dude’s throat. They all take turns on his ass, and when they grow tired of his bellowing, they slap a piece of duct tape across his mouth and fuck him some more.

Watch “Grab Him By the Mussy” at Fraternity X

grab him by the mussy at fraternity x

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