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Tattooed Straight Stud Does His First JO Session

tattooed guy drew

tattooed guy drew

Drew has only had one sexual experience with a guy. He tells Spunkworthy Jason that he was jacking off one day in his college dorm room when his room mate walked in. Drew apologized and says it was awkward for a few seconds, but then his room mate said it was cool and started talking about a hot chick he had just seen. After a couple of minutes he told Drew that he was really horny and suggested they just bang one out together, which they did … on their respective beds of course.

Drew just moved to San Diego and he’s 26 years old and into all kinds of outdoor sports. He needed some extra cash and when he raised the idea of doing porn with his girlfriend, she urged him to go for it. I wonder if she knows that the Spunkworthy producer usually ends up blowing most of the guys. Drew has a hot gym-tight body and his nearly-eight-inch dick looks even bigger on his 5’8″ body. And Drew is sporting some interesting tattoos.

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