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Dalton Sirius Drills Mario Domenech

dalton sirius fucks mario domenech

dalton sirius fucks antonio miracle

Mario Domenech and Antonio Miracle used to be real-life lovers, so I figured why not feature their scenes with Dalton Sirius on the same day, a little ex-lover rivalry. And while I enjoyed watching Dalton drill Antonio, Mario’s video is the dirtier fuck session. Down on his knees, Mario purses his lips and sucks wind — he can’t believe the size of Dalton’s meat — then he slaps it, almost as if to punish it for being so big. Dalton doesn’t seem to mind.

Sirius rams his hard-on into Mario’s ass and the bottom’s eyes bulge. He groans loudly, then nods his head a couple of times. He wants more and he wants it deep. He’s getting it all whether he wants it or not. Dalton sucks on Mario’s toes while pumping inside of him. Then Sirius rolls Mario over on his hands and knees and pushes Mario’s face into the mattress; he puts his foot on Mario’s back holding him down while pummeling him hard. Mario hangs over the edge of the futon while Dalton jack hammers with his signature quick and hard thrusts. A couple more position changes and Dalton is ready to douse Mario’s hole.

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dalton sirius fucks antonio miracle

Watch Dalton Sirius Jack Hammering Antonio Miracle

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