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Dalton Sirius Jack Hammers Antonio Miracle

dalton sirius fucks antonio miracle

dalton sirius fucks antonio miracle

Antonio Miracle very likely felt this fuck for a couple of days after filming. Dalton Sirius has a big cock, but that’s not the worst of it — he loves drilling hole hard and quick. When the scene opens he’s sitting back against the headboard and Antonio is noisily gulping as much dick as he can; Dalton fingers Miracle’s ass and periodically slaps it. Then Miracle stands and hoists his foot on the mattress and Dalton enters him in one deep thrust. He also fucks Antonio on his back and doggy style, all the while dirty talking in Spanish and jack hammering Antonio’s hole while the bottom wails his head off. After thoroughly using Antonio’s ass, Dalton spunks all over it and pushes back inside to finish unloading.

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dalton sirius fucks antonio miracle

Watch Dalton Sirius Jack Hammering Antonio Miracle

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