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Brendan Patrick Gets Fucked by Daddy Conor Harris

conor harris fucking brendan patrick

conor harris and brendan patrick at hot older male

Irish stud Brendan Patrick is making his debut at Hot Older Male and he’s playing with bald daddy Conor Harris, who has only done a jack-off video until now. When the scene opens, Harris is arriving home from the gym and Brendan asks him how it went. “It was a little slow,” he says, flexing his biceps and adding, “But I think I got a good workout.” Brendan beckons Conor closer to the table and squeezes his daddy’s biceps and leans in for a wet kiss.

With testosterone flowing through his veins, Harris is horny for a piece of ass. He urges Patrick to go down on him and holds the back of the stud’s head while he gulps greedily. Conor bends his lover over the dining room table and eats his hole before slides his bare bone inside.

Watch Conor Harris Fuck Brendan Patrick at Hot Older Male

conor harris and brendan patrick at hot older male

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