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Aussie Boy Ben Hart

ben hart

ben hart

Aussie boy Ben Hart is 23 years old and he just finished his first shoot with Bentley Race. Ben says this was an awkward shoot, “You know when you meet a guy who’s really good looking and you’re thrown right off your game.” Apparently Ben showed up wearing a tight pair of Nike track pants that showed off his perfect bum and distracted Ben to no end. As a result, Ben says he took way more photos than he needed for this shoot. In the end, Ben couldn’t resist the temptation of Ben’s hot little ass, so he fucked him right there in the shoot. Ben isn’t in a lot of the scenes anymore, but says that he needed to make an exception where Ben was concerned. He wanted to fuck him until the lad shot his load of cum across the sheets. Myself, I’m more enamoured by Ben’s meaty uncut cock, but then I always am a foreskin hound.

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