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Cocksucker Takes On Two Big Dicks At Once

threeway with leon sean and truman

leon, sean and truman at chaos men

Producer Bryan Ockert says, “Sean Peyton has the smallest dick in this trio, so he gets saddled with blowjob duties.” He makes it sounds like it’s a chore to take care of two eight-inch dicks. The fact is that Peyton has filmed a dozen scenes for the site and bottomed in all of them, so “saddled” isn’t the right word at all. Truth be told, Truman’s cock is only slightly bigger than Peyton’s, but Leon’s is definitely a sight to behold — it’s a thick eight inches, veiny, and uncut. Leon said that he was “up for anything” during his interview, but unfortunately this is the only hardcore scene he did for Chaos Men.

Leon and Truman sit side by side on the bed and Sean kneels on the floor and sucks one big cock, then the other. Truman stands on the bed and feeds Leon his dick while Sean gets another mouthful of Leon’s impressive meat. This is an oral only scene, but the guys have crazy good cumshot timing: Leon shoots his load onto Sean, then Sean blows all over himself, and Truman spews his jizz last. Sean’s furry body is coated with three sticky loads of spunk.

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leon, sean and truman at chaos men

chaos men

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