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Pup Lakota Gets Boned by Doug Behr

doug behr and pup lakota

doug behr and pup lakota at hairy and raw

Whimpering Pup Lakota leans across the leather bench while Doug E Behr kisses him and pinches his nipples. Lakota is a bearded and tattooed otter and loves playing the pup. He’s even got his puppy hood and tail, which Doug shoves up his ass. Doug pulls his pup across the bench and throat fucks him. Then he heads to the rear and mounts his pup, sliding his dick balls deep and drives his pup insane. Pup Lakota’s hands are tied behind his back, so he’s helpless to stop his daddy’s aggressive drilling. All Lakota can do is yelp like a dog. Doug smashes his big belly into his boy and bones him hard. When he can’t hold back any longer, he gives the pup his sticky reward.

Watch “A Dog and His Bone” at Hairy and Raw

doug behr and pup lakota at hairy and raw

Watch The Full Scene at Hairy and Raw

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