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Porter’s Restrained Anal

porter's restrained anal

porter restrained at military classified

Porter has filmed a number of times for Military Classified, but since he was in desperate need of money, site owner Rob decided to push the straight stud’s boundaries and make him work for his cash. Rob tied Porter clothed and bare footed to the bench at the end of the bed; as Rob blindfolds Porter he tells him to expect anything and just go for it. Rob kisses Porter, who hesitates at first — he’s not used to kissing guys — but then he gets into it. Rob stands on the bed and shoves his dick in Porter’s mouth for some face fucking, then pushes Porter back on the bed and sits on his face. The camera catches Porter’s tongue darting in and out of Rob’s ass crack.

Rob pulls out his captive’s cock and sucks it until it’s good and hard. Then Rob sits on Porter’s erection and fucks the stud three different ways, but Porter is never untied from the bench. He finally decides to put this horny stud out of his misery and jacks Porter’s dick. Rob squats over Porter and aims his butt hole over his cock stroking it furiously. Porter throws his head back saying, “Good,” then seconds later he pants another good, and spews his load all over Rob’s ass.

Watch Porter’s Restrained Anal Video at Military Classified

porter restrained at military classified

porter restrained at military classified

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