Bareback Sex

“Dude, Someone Fucking Jizzed In You Already, I Can Taste It”

brian licking Mickey Carpatio's cock

brian and micky at maverick men directs

Bryan Knight is a giant, blond hunk who stands 6’8″ and weighs around 300 pounds. While standing beside Bryan, Mickey Carpathio chews on his nipples. “Look, he’s the perfect height to take care of my tits,” Bryan says. When this Maverick Men Directs video opens, the pair is sitting on the couch with their white bathrobes hanging open and they’ve been edging their dicks. Cole is filming and asks how long they’ve been holding off. “I’ve been edging for two hours,” Mickey says. Brian says he hasn’t cum since yesterday morning, so he’s ready to go.

This is a piggy session. Mickey gets on his knees to sucks Brian’s huge cock and hesitates and takes a whiff of Brian’s ripe foreskin. They suck dick and get into some armpit smelling. The men have played before and they like getting raunchy. Mickey lies back and hoists a leg over the back of the sofa while Brian eats his ass.  Then Brian stops. “Dude, someone fucking jizzed in you already. I can taste it.” And judging by Cole’s dirty laugh, he’s the one who left Brian the souvenir.

Watch Bryan Knight & Mickey Carpathio Flip Fucking Raw

brian and micky at maverick men directs

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