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Straight Guy Lane Gets His Bare Feet Worshipped

lane getting his bare feet licked

straight guy lane at foot hound

Lane is a sexy straight guy and he enters the Foot Hound studio wearing a suit and cowboy boots. He’s also wearing glasses and a beard, and when he unbuttons his shirt, he exposes his heavily inked chest. He’s a hot fucker, I could definitely go for a piece of that. Franco pulls off Lane’s size 12 cowboy boots and the stud isn’t wearing any socks. He puts his bare feet up on the stools exposing his calloused soles. Franco kisses the underside of Lane’s feet, then munches on all ten toes. Franco asks if he likes it. “It’s a little weird,” Lane says. “Why is it weird,” asks Franco. “I don’t know, having a man kissing my feet … I don’t even let women touch my feet.”

Lane strokes his cock and gets it hard, but Franco has to stop worshipping his feet so the stud can unload his nuts. I guess all that foot action was too distracting. After he blows his wad, Franco tells Lane to scoop up some of his jizz and rub it into his sole. Franco licks the cum off this straight boy’s feet.

Watch this Straight Guy Getting His Sweaty Feet Worshipped

straight guy lane at foot hound

Watch Straight Guys Unloading their Nuts at Foot Hound

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