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New Recruit Banged in “Cum Can”

guy in combat boots getting fucked

cum can at drill him

A new recruit is sitting on his cot when two bunk mates arrive looking to get their dicks serviced. This is Cum Can from anew military site called Drill Him. They don’t ask politely, instead one jumps the recruit and wraps his arm around him in a headlock, then he holds the newbie steady over the bed while his buddy pulls down the newcomer’s shorts and rams his stiff cock inside of him. With his underwear around his ankles and a dick in his ass, this recruit loses all inhibitions about being a bottom bitch and gulps the other stud’s dick down his throat. This horny rookie gets fucked by both of these soldiers and they jizz all over his face and make him eat their cum.

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cum can at drill him

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