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Fugitive Wolf Hudson Turns the Tables on Special Agent Chris Harder

chris harder and wolf hudson

chris harder and wolf hudson at bound gods

Wolf Hudson has escaped from prison. Special Agent Chris Harder put him there and he’s hellbent on returning the fugitive where he belongs. As Hot Pursuit opens at Bound Gods, he tracks him down to an abandoned building. “Up against the wall,” Harder bellows. He reaches for Wolf’s hand to put him in cuffs when the convict makes his move and punches the agent in the stomach. Wolf runs across the roof, but Harder catches up with him. The two fall to the ground wrestling and Agent Harder is finally overpowered by the sex-crazed criminal.

Wolf pulls down Harder’s pants, tears a hole in his briefs, and rams his hard cock into the cop’s asshole. Then Wolf ties Harder to a chimney and flogs his naked body. Between beatings, the fugitve fucks Agent Harder some more in a rope sling. More slaps and punches and Wolf is ready to cum. He’s splatters jizz all over Harder’s abs. Then he drags his captive to the center of the roof and orders him to cum on his boots. Harder drains his nuts on the convict’s boots. Satisfied that he’s broken another cop,Wolf looks down at his cum-stained boots and barks, “Clean up that mess with your tongue.”

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chris harder and wolf hudson at bound gods

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