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Bubba Ryder Tames Bodybuilder Leo James

bubba ryder and leo james

bubba ryder and leo james at natural born breeders

Do you like it a little rough? Leo James does. He’s a 48-year-old, competitive bodybuilder who loves turning control over to another man. Ginger daddy Bubba Ryder likes playing the boss, so he blindfolds Leo and cuffs his hands. These men are making their debut on a new bareback site called Natural Born Breeders, which features lots of masculine hunks and daddies. Bubba spanks Leo’s cock and taps his nuts, getting the big hunk whimpering. A bit of choking and chest punching, then Bubba slides his finger into Leo’s butt hole and lets him stroke out a load.

Watch Bubba & Leo at Natural Born Breeders

bubba ryder and leo james at natural born breeders

The Web’s Hottest New Bareback Site – Natural Born Breeders

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