Titan Men Renews Matthew Bosch’s Exclusive Contract

matthew bosch gets fucked by bruce beckham

matthew bosch and bruce beckham

Titan Men announced on September 13 that they have renewed Matthew Bosch’s exclusive contract. The 28-year-old Bostonian debuted with the studio in January of this year in their election parody Cauke for President. Bosch played a closeted conservative senator who gets outed during his presidential campaign. With soap-opera star good looks, a rock hard, furry body, and a fat, eight-inch, uncut cock, it’s no wonder Titan Men wanted to keep Bosch for another year.

Since Cauke for President, in which Bosch appeared in two scenes, he has starred in Blueprint with mega-hung Eric Nero; in Package Bosch got fucked by the UPS man played by Hunter Marx, then he again from his on-screen daddy husband Dirk Caber. And now, Bosch’s latest DVD Say Uncle offers us two more chances to see him getting screwed, once by Eddy Ceetee (yet to be released) and this flip-flop session with Bruce Beckham.

See Matthew Bosch at Titan Men

matthew bosch and bruce beckham

Bruce Beckham and his nine-inch cock started with Titan Men in their DVD called Blueprint where he tops and bottoms with Dallas Steele. He followed up with Rent in a flip-flop session with Jesse Jackman. Say Uncle with Matthew Bosch is Beckham’s third scene with the studio, and continues his role as Titan Men’s favourite hung flip flopper.

See Matthew Bosch & Bruce Beckham Flip Fucking

matthew bosch and bruce beckham

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