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Hairy Plumber Unclogs Home Owner’s Pipes

dave rex and anthony naxos

dave rex and anthony naxos at hot older male

Haven’t we all dreamed of doing the plumber right there in our kitchen? In this Hot Older Male video, Anthony Naxos is having problem with a leaky sink and he calls plumber Dave Rex. The bald, hairy hunk arrives wearing nothing under his denim overalls, no shirt, no underwear. While under the sink he says, “Oh I think I see the problem,” and then he reaches for his wrench on the counter, except he grabs Anthony’s crotch instead. Don’t you wish shit like this happened in real life?

The plumber gives the home owner some head and Anthony groans, “Suck my cock, Daddy.” Then Rex stands and hauls out his nearly ten inches of meat and Anthony swallows as much of it as he can. Rex holds the back of his head saying, “Come on,” then he pats it a couple of times, urging Anthony to go deeper. “Yeah, that’s it boy.” Anthony lies back on the kitchen counter and rests his ankles on the plumber’s shoulders. Dave steers his humongous dick towards Anthony’s hairy hole and inches it inside, and Anthony begs, “Shove that huge cock in me, Daddy.”

Watch Dave Rex Screwing Anthony Naxos in the Kitchen

dave rex and anthony naxos at hot older male

hot older male

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