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“Fuck My Hole, Sir.”

vinnie stefano fucking chip young

vinnie stefano and chip young at hot older male

Hairy muscle daddy Vinnie Stefano is just opening his bar and getting ready for the day when Chip Young walks in looking for work. “I’ll do anything,” he says. And you know what that means in Pornland: Young will be leaving with a sore hole and a smile on his face, and no job, except the blowjob he gives this handsome hunk. After getting his dick deep throated, Vinnie lies Chip back on the stage and slides inside his meaty ass. Vinnie grunts away at a steady and forceful pace. “Fuck my hole, Sir,” Chips moans. Vinnie grabs Chips ankles and starts ramming the boy hard.

Watch Vinnie Stefano Drilling Chip Young’s Ass

vinnie stefano and chip young at hot older male

hot older male

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