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Jack Hunter & Dirk Caber Flip-Fuck in “Straight A Student”

jack hunter getting blowjob from dirk caber

jack hunter and dirk caber at

Jack Hunter is having the time of his life since arriving in New York City to go to college. In the first two parts of‘s Straight A Student he got fucked by Diego Sans in the classroom and Rafael Alencar fucked him in his bar. In the final episode of the series, Jack is going to make his ultimate fantasy come true — he’s been dying to fuck his handsome professor Dirk Caber. Who wouldn’t want to bend over this teacher’s desk?

The professor resists at first, but when Jack leans in for a kiss, Caber goes for it. There’s more acrobatic fucking here with Hunter weaving his body through a couple of desks and Caber drills him hard. But the pièce de résistance is seeing Dirk lying back on his own desk with Jack’s huge dong plunging his hole. Caber chuckles while stroking his dick, “Oh man, that spot has never been hit before. It feels fucking awesome.” A minute later, Dirk blows a huge chunky load all over himself.

Watch Jack Hunter & Dirk Caber Flip-Fucking
in Straight A Student

jack hunter and dirk caber at

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