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Two Young Soldiers Are Dominated & Fucked

two soldiers fucking a third

libor kenda in duty bound at str8 hell

Libor Kenda is the dark-haired soldier in this Duty Bound scene from Str8 Hell. He’s teaching three new recruits a few things in this unique and dirty training session. In the first part, Libor teaches the guys how to endure all forms of interrogation, including tickling, and especially how to resist revealing military secrets even when you’re getting your ass fucked by three interrogators.

In the second part, Libor grabs young Laco Meido and drags him over to a beam suspended from the ceiling. While soldier Patrik Maly holds Laco in place, Libor pulls out his hard cock and fucks the lad’s hot little ass. When he’s had enough he says to Patrik, “You fuck him now.” Patrik doesn’t know what to do and sheepishly says, “But Sir, he’s my friend.” When Libor bellows at him, Patrik says, “Sorry, buddy,” and heads around to Laco’s ass. While Patrik fucks his friend, Libor heads to the other side of the room where Ivan is lying in restraints across another beam. He fucks the blond’s ass and both soldiers cum on their bottoms’ asses. Then Laco and Ivan are ordered to jack off together and blow their wads while the other soldiers watch.

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libor kenda in duty bound at str8 hell

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