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Rafael Alencar Drills Jack Hunter In “Straight A Student”

jack hunter and rafael alencar

jack hunter and rafael alencar at

Coming from a small Kentucky town, Jack Hunter’s sexual options were limited to his hand. Now living in New York City, he’s making up for lost time. Fresh off his classroom fuck with Diego Sans in the first part of Straight A Student, Jack heads into a bar and pulls up a stool beside Rafael Alencar. They engage in small talk about Jack being new to the city, Rafael rubs his massive hard-on bulging in his jeans saying, “Well, I hope you take it all in.”

Rafael hops up on the bar and Jack bobs mostly on the top third of this monster cock, but when he really tries, he can swallow half of it. He leans his knee on a chair and has no trouble taking this humongous dong up his ass. Even later, while riding Alencar, he plunges balls deep. For the finale, Rafael pile drives Hunter on a box going harder and deeper. But Jack loves getting hammered, it’s what get his nuts close to exploding, so he pleads, “Harder … please … fuck me harder.” Jack gets what he wants and unloads on his tummy.

Watch Rafael Alencar Drill Jack Hunter’s Ass

jack hunter and rafael alencar at

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