Group Sex

“I Can’t Believe He Let Me Cheat.”

matt stevens peter fields and scott riley

matt stevens, peter fields and scott riley at men over 30

Have you ever had a boyfriend walk in on you making out with another guy? I haven’t, which isn’t to say that I’ve never wandered. In Men Over 30‘s I Can’t Believe He Let Me Cheat, Matt Stevens and Scott Riley are fooling around and Matt assures Scott they have loads of time before his lover (Peter Fields) is expected home. Then minutes later while Matt is sucking Scott’s dick: “What the fuck!” Matt tries to calm down his boyfriend. “Baby, it was supposed to be a surprise for us.” Ha! That’s a good one. Apparently Matt and Peter have been talking about having a threeway.

Peter shrugs and hops in the bed saying, “Oh well, we just have to get through this.” The three men fall into a dick sucking frenzy, then Matt fucks Scott doggy style while the blond feasts on Peter’s thick cock. That’s a nice dick. Peter sits back against the headboard and Scott rides him in reverse while Matt gets horned up watching the cock-in-hole action. But Matt gets the last crack at Scott’s ass before the three men start unloading their nuts.

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matt stevens, peter fields and scott riley at men over 30

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