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Jonah Marx Discovers The Perils Of Cruising Public Toilets

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jonah marx at men on edge

This video has one of the most unique cumshots I’ve ever seen. But I’m getting ahead of things. In this Men on Edge scene, Jonah Marx heads into the washroom and sitting on the toilet he notices a pair of shoes in the next stall. He reaches through and taps his foot. Jessie Colter taps back, so Jonah kneels on the floor and sticks his cock under the wall. Everything’s going swimmingly until Colter pulls a fast one and Jonah finds himself roped to rig in the washroom. Colter teases and edges Jonah’s cock his his hands, mouth, and a masturbation sleeve.

Later, Colter strings Jonah up in the doorway of the toilet stall with his arms stretched back. Colter sits on the toilet and jackhammers Jonah’s aching hole with a portable fucking machine. Jonah nearly cums a couple more times, but Jessie prolongs it. He finally decides to put this guy out of his misery. Colter lies on the floor and lifts his legs and putting his feet on either side of Jonah’s stiff prick. Jessie holds his feet tight while Jonah fucks them and less than a minute later he starts bellowing and spews a cum shower down on Jessie.

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jonah marx at men on edge

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