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Doctor Dolf Dietrich Helps Nurse Bryan Cole With His Bedside Manner

dolf dietirch sucking bryan cole

dolf dietrich and bryan cole at men over 30

Dr. Dolf Dietrich pulls nurse Bryan Cole into an exam room to have a chat, there have been complaints about Cole’s bedside manner with some of the patients. “Here’s what we’re going to do,” says Dietrich. “Let’s do a little role play and I’ll pretend to be the patient and you show me how you treat the patient.” What a great line. Dietrich takes off his shirt so the nurse can check his blood pressure, and he sees that Cole is distracted. After some small talk, the doctor pulls the nurse toward him and they kiss. Then, with his scrubs around his ankles, Dietrich sits back on the bed while Bryan gulps his big cock. If this is typical, I wonder what the patients are complaining about.

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I enjoyed this Men Over 30 scene because Dietrich and Cole are into each other, there’s nothing put on — the sex is panting and fevered. My favourite sequence sees Cole down on all fours hugging the pillow with his ass arched high in the air, Dietrich squats over him and plugs his hole and drives the nurse crazy with his quick, deep thrusts. The angle of Dietrich’s cock puts Cole’s in bottom heaven and doesn’t want it to end. But they swap positions and Bryan sits on Dolf’s hard-on for a passionate riding session that’s every bit as hot. Dolf drills Bryan on his back and doctor and nurse blow their wads together and cream Cole’s smooth belly.

dolf dietrich and bryan cole at men over 30

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