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Colby Keller Gets Mechanical Fuck From Jimmy Durano in “Make Me An Offer”

colby keller and jimmy durano

colby keller and jimmy durano at

I love Colby Keller, I’ll watch him have sex with just about anyone. Even Jimmy Durano. Nice cock, but he’s never been my cup of tea. The pair are in’s Make Me An Offer and Durano plays a lawyer putting the moves on Keller, who has just inherited his great-uncle’s house. As the movie played, I saw it flash across the screen: Directed by Christian Owen. Oh no, he’s back. Owen’s Hot House videos with performer’s fucking in pink leather harnesses were nothing more than a stylist’s mishegas and they turned the studio into the laughing stock of Pornland. Owen and Durano are married, so it’s pretty clear why Durano, who had only filmed four scenes with, was brought back.

Jimmy gives Colby some just-the-tip head. Yawn. If you’re not going to slobber all over Colby’s beautiful cock, then why bother? Thankfully, Keller has no trouble working his way around a big dick, so watching him gulping down Durano’s dong is worth seeing. I enjoyed watching Keller taking Durano’s dick, it’s definitely an ass stretcher. And Colby doesn’t let Jimmy do all the fucking, my favourite moments are when he bucks back on Jimmy’s hard-on. Colby does blow a big wad on his belly with Jimmy pumping his hole, but honestly, it’s pretty mechanical stuff.

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colby keller and jimmy durano at

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