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Colby Keller Fucks Bennett Anthony in “Make Me An Offer”

colby keller fucking bennett anthony

colby keller and bennett anthony at

Colby Keller has inherited his great-uncle’s house and as he puts out an “estate sale” sign on the front lawn, he runs into Bennett Anthony. It turns out that Bennett and Uncle Sam had a regular thing going and now Bennett’s looking for a memento of daddy. When Colby won’t give him the watch he wants, Bennett offers himself to sweeten the deal. Watching this ginger sucking Colby’s cock is what I’ve been waiting to see. He’s all over that thing.

The fucking is hot with Colby bending Bennett over the bed and drilling him hard, but the last few minutes are awesome. Colby’s lying back and Bennett mounts him in a reverse cowboy, then he lies back on Colby so they can kiss. They take turns with Colby thrusting up and Bennett pounded down, necking and panting until Bennett finally announces that he’s going to cum. After coating Colby’s beard, he lies back for his turn. Wow! Colby shoots a big gob of jizz right in his mouth, then another couple wads across Bennett’s face, squirts three and four fly onto the sheets somewhere, and poor Bennett’s tongue is wagging for more. And there’s more coming. Cum fans will lover Colby’s shot, it’s an award winner.

Watch Colby Keller Give Bennett Anthony a Big Cum Facial

colby keller and bennett anthony at

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