Cocksucker Keeps Deviant Otter On Edge

guy sucking devin totter's cock

deviant otter in an edging session

“Ahhh … why does your dick get so much harder when you’re torturing me?” Deviant Otter has been chatting with this neighbourhood dude for months, but their schedules have never managed to be in sync for a hookup. Lots of sexting, but not much. Until now. Nameless dude finally has a day off and wants to spend some time servicing Devin. He’s even up for performing for all of us, which turns out to be a very good thing because he’s an awesome cocksucker. But he also has a bit of a wicked streak and really gets off edging a guy. “Usually if a dude has tried to edge me in the past,” Devin says, “I just pin him down and finish, but there was something really gratifying about it this time.”

Watch Deviant Otter’s Edging Session

deviant otter in an edging session

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