Group Sex

“Try to Deep Throat Mine … Can You?”

blond guy sucks puerto rican's huge cock

amador, troi and jon at chaos men

This is a scorching threeway, probably one of the hottest videos I’ve seen out of Chaos Men — it’s definitely on the top ten list. And it’s not because Amador and Troi are each packing nine inches, but that doesn’t hurt; no, it’s because bossy blond bottom Jon knows exactly what he wants and takes it. Amador and Troi are sitting side by side on the couch and Jon is blowing them, he leans up to kiss Amador and reaches over and pulls Troi in for a threeway kiss. Fuck, that was hot. Moments later, Jon is sucking Troi’s huge dick and the stud says, “Try to deep throat mine … can you?” Jon doesn’t miss a beat, he opens wide and gulps until his nose is buried in Troi’s pubes. The stud throws his head back and gasps.

Watch Amador & Troi Spit Roasting Jon with their Niners

amador, troi and jon at chaos men

I also loved this scene because of my fetish with differences, and in this case, a blond bottom getting skewered by a Cuban and Puerto Rican sets my fetish on fire. And it turns out that Troi likes dirty talking. “Spit in his hole,” he says to Amador. The Cuban gobs between Jon’s legs then drives his niner inside. The guys take turns fucking Jon’s ass, and while one pumps hole, the other throat fucks him. But one delicious sequence has Jon on his back with Troi screwing him and Amador squats over Jon and sits on his face — minutes later, he spunks all over it. Like I said, one of the hottest Chaos Men scenes ever.

amador, troi and jon at chaos men

chaos men

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