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Doctor Helps Patient With His Blue Balls Diagnosis

matt stevens and alexander greene

matt stevens and alexander greene at extra big dicks

Could you resist Alexander Greene’s giant cock if it were staring you in the face? Doctor Matt Stevens can’t. In Turned On By My Doctor now playing at Extra Big Dicks, Greene goes to see his physician about some pain down there. Doctor Stevens tells him to strip and fondles Greene’s balls, then has him lie back on the exam table for a better look. “Have you ever heard of the term blue balls?” the doctor asks. Greene isn’t sure. “In a nut shell, it means you need to release,” Doctor Stevens says. “You need to ejaculate and I think I can help you with that.” Of course he can. “I’ll make everything better today,” he says, then he lowers his mouth on Greene’s humongous dick.

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matt stevens and alexander greene at extra big dicks

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  1. I wish I could find a Dr. like that. My physicals are boringly predictable. The highlight is when my doc squeezes my balls and then does that lovely rectal exam. I just wish he’d spend more time on the rectal. Love that sensation

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