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Aday Traun Roughs Up Elio Guzman In The Gym Shower

aday traun and elio guzman

aday traun and elio guzman at jalif studio

Aday Traun is a bit of an asshole, he asks to share the shower with Elio Guzman, but then gives him a hard time for getting to close. What kind of a gym has one shower? Aday pushes his way under the spray and Elio stands close watching and stroking his dick. Aday loses it and gives Elio hell in Spanish, he even slaps his face. The aggressive hunk grabs Elio’s head and pushes him to floor and rams his big cock in Elio’s mouth. Between sucking Aday’s cock, Elio gets roughed up, slapped, and spit on; Aday even presses the cocksucker’s head to the shower floor with his foot and orders him to lick his feet. Where is this gym? I need to get myself a membership. Eventually they shut off the water and Aday fucks Elio on the tiled floor.

Watch Aday Traun Face Fuck Elio Guzman in the Shower

aday traun and elio guzman at jalif studio

Watch the Full Scene at Jalif Studio

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