On Set with Dolf Dietrich & Hugh Hunter

dolf dietrich and hugh hunter on set with charlie harding

dolf dietrich and hugh hunter at hot older male

Earlier this week, Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter filmed a new scene for Hot Older Male. Dolf topped Hunter on a billiards table in a bar and says, “It’s was fun, it’s going to be a killer scene.” The pair were directed by ex-performer Charlie Harding, who really should get his ass back in front of the camera occasionally — I miss him, don’t you?

But in even bigger news, Dolf and Hugh are a couple now. I didn’t know that Dolf and Drew Sebastian split up in July. Dietrich and Hunter met on the set of a Lucas Entertainment back in September where they were filming separate scenes that overlapped on the same day. “We didn’t even fuck, just sneaked away and talked and cuddled for about six hours,” Dietrich says. The pair started dating after that and Dietrich says that they’re planning on moving in together.

See Hugh Hunter’s First Scene at Hot Older Male

dolf dietrich and hugh hunter at hot older male

hot older male

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