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“Wow! You Could Destroy Some Shit with This!”

logan taylor gets dildo fucked

logan taylor at men on edge

I think it’d be a lot of fun working at Men on Edge. Can you imagine edging all those hot cocks and hearing the guys begging to drain their balls? Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter rope Logan Taylor to a kitchen chair; by the time they’re finished, he’s tenting rock hard in his underwear. Jessie cuts off Logan’s white briefs and releases his thick cock. “Wow! You could destroy some shit with this,” he says. While Sebastian tweaks their captive’s nipples, Jessie deep throats his cock, and it’s not long before Logan’s panting, “I’m gonna cum.” Not yet.

Jessie fucks Logan’s erection with a Fleshjack, but pulls it off before the stud can blow his wad. They ramp things up. They lay Logan back on the couch and tie his hands over his head and gag him with a rubber bridle, then Jessie sucks him to the edge again. Jessie stands and chews on the soles of Logan’s feet while jerking his bulging dick in his fist. Logan squirms and begs for him to stop. Then Jessie discovers that Logan likes having things shoved in his ass, so he massages his prostate with dildo and denies him two more orgasms.

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logan taylor at men on edge

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