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A Night of Pleasure & Pain

bound dirk caber getting blowjob from jessie colter

dirk caber and jessie colter at bound gods

Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter flip flop in this nasty play session in the Bound Gods dungeon and Colter is a deliciously devious top when it’s his turn to dominate. Jessie ropes Dirk between two columns then manhandles and edges his cock. He cuts the pleasure short when he walks behind the daddy holding a cattle prod. Dirk chortles in anticipation and tries looking over his shoulder. Jessie lets him squirm, then finally digs the prongs into Dirk’s ass and delivers an excruciating jolt. Dirk screams in pain and then continues to bellow as Jessie beats his ass with a flogger

Jessie ties Dirk spread eagle on a bed and clips clothespins along the underside of Dirk’s thighs. Ouch. He adds a couple on his testicles, too. Jessie plunges deep into Dirk’s ass and fucks his slave hard. Jessie tears off the pegs and Dirk bellows in pain; as for the clothespins clinging to Dirk’s balls, Jessie sucks them off with his mouth. Jessie rides Dirk’s cock and blows his wad while Dirk plays with his nipples. Then Dirk orders Jessie to milk his creamy load out of his aching balls.

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dirk caber and jessie colter at bound gods

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