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Adam Champ & Marco Rubi in “Easy Prey”

marco rubi and adam champ

marco rubi and adam champ at men at play

Marco Rubi has come up with a fun way of dealing with an overly-eager top — tie him up. In Men at Play‘s Easy Prey, when executive Adam Champ comes to, he’s bound to a warehouse ladder with rope and duct. Rubi sucks Champ’s nipples through his shirt leaving giant wet marks on the fabric. Then he squats and gulps the hunk’s big cock. He takes his time and enjoys feeling Adam’s plump helmet pushing down his throat.

Marco rips open Adam’s shirt and reveals his gorgeous hairy chest. Now Rubi nurses on Champ’s nipples for real. As he kisses the hunk, Marco releases Adam from the ropes and relinquishes control. Champ pushes Rubi against the ladder and pushes his beard between those massive ass cheeks. Adam fingers his wet hole and teases him, making him beg for the hunk’s cock. Adam finally lays Marco back on a pile of skids and pummels his ass.

Watch Marco Rubi & Adam Champ in Easy Prey

marco rubi and adam champ at men at play

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