“That’s the Best Blowjob I’ve Ever Had.”

noah riley blows lambert

noah riley blows lambert at chaos men

Lambert is a lean, straight guy and he’s only 19 years old. He has played around with a buddy once before — they kissed and jacked off together — so he thought he might be able to do more. Cue Noah Riley, he’s Chaos Men‘s resident cocksucker, he’s blown a lot of guys and he’s good at it. He’s cute and furry and he’s filmed 25 videos. The guys start off sitting on the couch, watching porno, and rubbing their cocks in their underwear. Then Noah kneels between Lambert’s legs and after a few gulps he says, “That’s thick fucking dick.” Lambert says that he likes getting deep throated. Who doesn’t?

They sit ass to ass on the couch with their legs entwined and Noah’s slowly stroking Lambert’s dick. “You’re so fucking hard right now,” he says. Then Noah gets Lambert down on all fours so he can eat his hole. “Fuck! That’s a hairy ass,” he says. Noah lies back on the sofa and Lambert straddles his chest. Lambert pushes his cock deep down Noah’s throat. “You like gagging?” he asks. How’s a guy supposed to answer that with his mouth full of dick. But Noah pulls off and gasps, “Yeah.” Then Lambert lies back and Noah finishes him off with lots of wet and noisy lip action and strokes with his hand at the same time. After, Lambert says, “That’s the best blowjob I’ve ever hard.” Wait for it Lambert, you’re only 19 years old.

Watch Noah Riley Suck Off Lambert

noah riley blows lambert at chaos men

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