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Inked Bearded Stud Damien Michaels in his Casting Video

damien michaels

damien michaels and markie more at next door casting

Damien Michaels is just getting started in Pornland and this sexy fucker is going to be everywhere. He’s only filmed about six scenes so far and he just finished his audition reel with Next Door Casting. Michaels currently lives in Arizona, but he’s a Chicago native, and he just finished up a six-year stint in the U.S. Navy, where among other things, he chased pirates around the coast of Africa. NDC’s Markie More introduces us to the heavily-tatted stud and Damien says that he started getting inked about 11 years ago. Michaels is very relaxed and he comes across as a laid back stoner, but he oozes sex. They talk about their workout routines and Damien’s mostly consists of lifting weights and yoga.

Damien is a good-looking guy with a full beard and he’s already piqued my interest. But when Markie and Damien start kissing, I’m captivated — he knows how to suck face. He peels off his shirt and Markie rubs his strong, chiseled chest. Then his pants and underwear come off and he leans over the back of the sofa so Markie can feast on his ass. His butt cheeks are covered with blond fuzz that catches the light and his hole is slightly furry. The guys swap head and Damien’s fat cock looks good sliding in Markie’s mouth, but Damien is no slouch when it comes to sucking dick. Damien is completely versatile and sits on Markie’s hard-on first, then after riding him, he gets fucked doggy style. When it’s Markie’s turn, Damien fucks him on his back and the pair finish by blowing their jizz all over Markie’s abs.

Watch Damien Michaels in his Casting Video
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damien michaels and markie more at next door casting

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