Donnie Dean Blows Sawyer Swift in a Video Booth

donnie dean sucking sawyer swift

donnie dean and sawyer swift at tim suck

Donnie Dean and Sawyer Swift headed to the video booths to do some cock sucking. And when they met up in this TIM Suck scene, Dean got down on his knees first, which is alright by me because he’s one of the best cocksuckers in Pornland. I always enjoy watching him scarfing down a nice bone. Sawyer Swift is a sexy bearded guy and he looks down and watches Donnie swallowing his long dick, inch by inch, until the nob gobbler’s nose is buried in his dark pubes.

Pornos play in the background with men making hot fuck noises, and that makes this scene all the hornier. When Sawyer is ready to unload his nuts he grabs his dick and strokes it, aiming at Dean’s gaping mouth. The first blast hits the back of Dean’s throat, and Sawyer’s balls spill the rest of his juice across Dean’s tongue. The cocksucker laps up all the jizz he can before wrapping his lips around Sawyer’s flared cock head and he sucks out the last drop of cum. Then it’s Sawyer’s turn to suck off his buddy.

Watch Donnie Dean & Sawyer Swift Swap Blowjobs

donnie dean and sawyer swift at tim suck

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