Dallas Steele Signs Exclusive Deal with Titan Men

dallas steele fucks hunter marx

dallas steele and dirk caber at titan men
Earlier this month Titan Men announced that they signed Dallas Steele to an exclusive contract. Back in 2013, after 23 years as a television news anchor and reporter, Steele left the business when his boss told him “people here just don’t like you.” Television’s loss is Pornland’s gain and Steele rose to the challenge and reinvented himself. Now, he works out 16 hours a week in the gym and he’s has training clients as well.

“Dallas Steele is one of the most powerful performers to hit the industry in a long, long time,” says Titan Media vice president Keith Webb. “He’s a quadruple threat: Movie-star handsome, built like a Greek god, a huge cock that always stays rock hard, and he can deliver dialogue like a real actor.”

In August he filmed his first scene with Titan Men (only his second commercial porn production). Paired up with Dirk Caber in Blue Collar Ballers, Caber and Steele flip flopped in a steamy bedroom scene. Dirk Steele is a handsome muscle daddy who stands 6’3″ tall and weighs an impressive 220 pounds. His nine-inch cock could make him a much-in-demand top stud in Pornland, but Steele likes getting it as much as he enjoys topping. His second scene with Titan Men is the feature Break a Sweat with Hunter Marx where he flip flopped again. And shortly after, Titan Men announced that Steele was joining the stable of sexy exclusives: Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, Nick Prescott, Matthew Bosch, Eric Nero, Jay Bentley, and Eddy Ceetee. Steele has already filmed his next scene with Jesse Jackman, who has not only been a Titan Men exclusive for a number of years, but he’s also Dirk Caber’s real-life partner. That scene won’t be released until 2016 and Steele is slated for several more story-driven scenes throughout the year.

Watch Dallas Steele Flip Flop Fucking in Two Videos

dallas steele and dirk caber at titan men

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