Russian Hunk Alexander Volkov Debuts at Lucas Entertainment

adam killian fucking alexander volkov

alexander volkov at lucas entertainment

Russian beefcake Alexander Volkov has the kind of body a guy gets by stacking up hours in the gym. He’s a good-looking hunk with carved pecs and big rolling shoulders. He’s a short guy, standing 5’7″, but he weighs an impressive 180 pounds. During his photo shoot he playfully bends over and rears his gorgeous ass at the camera, he grabs his butt cheek and pulls it exposing his deliciously smooth hole. Volkov just debuted in his first scene for Lucas Entertainment and he’s getting his ass screwed by porn veteran Adam Killian.

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alexander volkov and adam killian at lucas entertainment

Alexander Volkov is working out on the gym when Adam Killian arrives and they immediately get to it. Adam kneels and easily gulps Alexander’s eight-inch cock, then the Russian shows off his oral skills. Killian’s dick can be challenging with its healthy length and bulbous head, but Volkov downs it with little trouble. Then Killian picks up the hunk in his arms and carries him to a bench where Volkov kneels on all fours and presents his ass. Adam dives in and lunches on the stud’s smooth hole.

alexander volkov and adam killian at lucas entertainment

Killian fucks Volkov all over the gym, making good use of the equipment. After fucking Volkov on his back, Killian moves in for some kissing and slides the Russian’s hard-on inside his ass. (I guess he couldn’t resist, but who could?) He only pumps it briefly before stuffing his own dick back in Alexander’s ass. They end up on a lounge chair and the goal is for Killian to fuck the cum out of Volkov, but the Russian wears him out. Adam pistons his hole forever while Alexander jerk himself, but close to blowing his own load, Adam pulls out and lies his head on Alexander’s stomach and watches him jack his dick. He finally spews his load and Killian cleans up his cummy cock.

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